Learn about a student, speaker, and pioneer, Micah Fialka-Feldman, who continues to fight for disability-pride, justice, and inclusion in his post-secondary education program at Oakland University in Michigan.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

this is my weekly update

I'm looking forward this week to be speaking at Wayne State on Tuesday
speaking in a class on Wednesday through
a friend asked me to come and speak from my computer he's teaching a class in Colorado Skype
Friday I am going out to dinner with some of my friends
next Sunday and celebrating Easter with my family
voting the student body president and vice president of the next year school year
Oakland University don't forget to vote for the student body president and vice president this week coming


  1. Thanks for your update.

    Hope you have a good dinner.

    Good luck with the speech!

  2. Hey Micah
    We just watched a video about you in our class. We attend Michigan State University and we are both Special Education majors here. We think that it is so awesome that you are at Oakland University, which is a really cool campus! We hope you do well in school and come visit MSU sometime! GO GREEN!

    Stella and Lorraine

  3. Hey Micah,
    We just watched your documentary in our class at Michigan State University and we wanted to let you know that we think it is awesome how you present your story to different groups of people. I hope your most recent presentations are going well and you are continuing to inspire people everywhere! We look forward to continue hearing about your success. Have a great night!